Acupuncture Course

Our online acupuncture certification program provides the essential training you need to practice acupuncture safely and effectively. Still, we recommend that you secure some hands-on classroom or clinical training to supplement your online education. Technically, acupuncture skills include four basic parts that are sterilization, needle insertion, needling manipulation techniques and needle withdrawal. Lifting-thrusting and twirling-rotating belong to basic manipulation techniques. The angle and depth of needling depend on the location of acupoints. Even in needling the same acupoint, the speed, frequency, amplitude, force and depth of lifting-thrusting and twirling-rotating vary according to the constitution and pathological conditions of the patient.

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Acupuncture Tuition Cost $3000.00 USD

9 monthly payments for $333.33

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Acreditations & Affiliate Colleges

ACPE Fortis Afiliation University of America ASA College Afiliation ASACS Accreditation Avatar Emmanuel Foundation UASD BArry Unicersity Afiliation UDFJDD AACN - American Asoiation of Colleges for Nursing AFPNP CCNE NCLEX NONFP Chea Accreditation Mirra Nursing School

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