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Paralegal, Associate Degree, 30 CREDITS

Mirra International University Paralegal 13 months Associate Degree Study Program will enhance the knowledge in every student who enrolls in this program and want a career in law. All courses in the 30 credits hour curriculum are taught in the evenings by experienced legal professionals and are offered for undergraduate level academic credit. Students may apply for admission for the fall, spring or summer term. Course schedules are structured to allow students to complete this program for law offices, community services, government and state offices including religious institutions such as churches, synagogues, and pastoral leadership other religious institutions only in order to know the law and practice. , in as little as thirteen months. The curriculum consists of fifteen modules, designed to help students gain the substantive knowledge and practical skills needed to begin or to continue their career as a paralegal and eventually finish law school at an accredited higher institution.

Course Code Course Title Credits
  Course Completion 30 Credits
ILLPP 120 Introduction to Law and the Paralegal Profession 2 Credits
SOL 121 Sources of LAW 2 Credits
ITTLT124 Classifications of Law 2 Credits
LT101 Legal Terminology 2 Credits
LE156 Legal Ethics 2 Credits
SML103 Subject Matter of the Law 2 Credits
STTR101 Legal System 2 Credits
LRCL104 Legal Research and Common Law 2 Credits
CL106 Constitutional Law 2 Credits
L102 Litigation 2 Credits
FLW105 Family Law 2 Credits
CRML10 Criminal Law 2 Credits
TORT109 Tort Law 2 Credits
WET108 Wills and Estates 2Credits
TL107 Torts 2 Credits
TEST Test 30 Credits

Associate Degree $2,800.00 USD

Acreditations & Affiliate Colleges

ACPE Fortis Afiliation University of America ASA College Afiliation ASACS Accreditation Avatar Emmanuel Foundation UASD BArry Unicersity Afiliation UDFJDD AACN - American Asoiation of Colleges for Nursing AFPNP CCNE NCLEX NONFP Chea Accreditation Mirra Nursing School

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