Pharmacy Technician Program

You will be become (CPhT- Certified Pharmacy Technician). Learn to fill prescriptions, and troubleshooot rx issues, answer customer questions, report drug reactions and maintain relationship with physicians assit in comunicatins between patients and doctors, insurance and nurses. Etc."

  • Outline the typical responsibilities of a pharmacy technician and describe the personal and professional ethics required for success in this profession.
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the pharmacy technician and the pharmacist, explain the differences between these two roles, and outline the regulations imposed on both by state and federal law.
  • Demonstrate the standard techniques and procedures required of pharmacy technicians for pharmacy operations, including aseptic operations, medication transcriptions, metric/apothecary conversions, drug dispensation, record keeping, and patient profiling.
  • List and explain all major classifications of drugs and understand their indications, therapeutic effects, side effects, dosing recommendations, routes of administration, and mechanisms of a.
  • Interact with pharmacists, customers, and business associates, displaying professional skills, appearance, and ethics in a work-experience setting.

  • Pharmacy Technician. Cost $00.00 USD

    Acreditations & Affiliate Colleges

    ACPE Fortis Afiliation University of America ASA College Afiliation ASACS Accreditation Avatar Emmanuel Foundation UASD BArry Unicersity Afiliation UDFJDD AACN - American Asoiation of Colleges for Nursing AFPNP CCNE NCLEX NONFP Chea Accreditation Mirra Nursing School

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