Phlebotomy Career training Program

The Phlebotomy Training Program is a four monthsaccelrate orogram. Teaches students collection techniques, drawing blood from the patient's arm typically. The procedure itself is known as a venipuncture. Physicians or nurses prefer a phlebotomy specialist to do their procedures in their practice or hospital.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Phlebotomist Job Duties and Responsibilities

Blood Cells and Vessels

Methods of Soecimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Transport

Special Phlebotomy Procedure

Phlebotomy Training Program $900.00 USD

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Acreditations & Affiliate Colleges

ACPE Fortis Afiliation University of America ASA College Afiliation ASACS Accreditation Avatar Emmanuel Foundation UASD BArry Unicersity Afiliation UDFJDD AACN - American Asoiation of Colleges for Nursing AFPNP CCNE NCLEX NONFP Chea Accreditation Mirra Nursing School

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