• We believe that “Education with a Higher purpose is simply life and Freedom." It is not competitive knowledge but rather cooperative knowledge. We are committed to be a tool in equipping and forming students that will transform the world we live in”. We look forward being part of your success.


Dr. Luz De Jesus Vargas

  • Devoted to the ministry and the University. A prayer warrior you someone that can mentor students in a christian life style.

Dean Professor

Rev. Osvaldo Jose Astudillo, Ph.D.

  • Master degree in Substance abuse, clinical counseling. Assist the chancellor with vocational programs as well as CPR/BLS.

Substance Abuse Professor

Mrs. Debora De Jesus, M.S. CAP

  • Responsible for Clinical Counseling, Torah and Missions. Welcomes any inquiries, issues solutions, academical subjects and resolutions.

Professor Religious Studies

Dr. Julio Abraham

  • Dr. Maria Vilaronga has a Doctorate in Pastoral Mnistriy. She is responsible for Christian program and chaplaincy education . Assist the Chancellor with teaching online courses, admissions, and registrations.

Pastoral Minitry Professor

Dr. Maria Villaronga

  • Rev.Juan has Th.M (Theology Master) and is responsible for the Theology Program and Missions. Welcomes any inquiries, issue resolutions, academical subject issues and resolutions.

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Theology Professor

Rev. Juan Melchor Chiquito, B.A.

  • Responsible for students seeking degrees as Community Chaplain. Dr. Pauline Livatt welcomes all questions regarding the Hospital and Terminal illness chaplaincy program.

ACPE Chaplain Supervisor

Dr. Pauline Livatt

  • Information technologist. Resposible for teaching Digital Marketing, Computer and Keyboarding and Graphic Design, Web Page Design programs.

Technology Professor

Mr. Carlos Molina, M.S.

Mental Health

Ms. Lucero Cerna, M.S.

Dog Grooming Professor

Pilar Cortez, A.S.

Phlebotomy Instructor

Palmira Kashakish, B.S.N.

Bussines Adminitration/Leadership

Jasmin Vidal, M.S.L

Insurance and life Insurance

Remy Martin Foster B.S.

Tricology and Acupuncture

Prophida Bien Aime, M.S.

Registered Behavior Tech - RBT

Yvonne Madera, M.S., BCBA

Instructor for DA, LPN & RN

Malou Laurent, LPN, RN.

Acreditations & Affiliate Colleges

ACPE Fortis Afiliation University of America ASA College Afiliation ASACS Accreditation Avatar Emmanuel Foundation UASD BArry Unicersity Afiliation UDFJDD AACN - American Asoiation of Colleges for Nursing AFPNP CCNE NCLEX NONFP Chea Accreditation Mirra Nursing School